How to dress for your body

You don’t have to have money or access to a stylist to look good. The people whose style we admire all have one thing in common, they know their bodies. Although it’s our genes that determine how we carry our fat, the general appearance of our bodies can be altered with diet and weight loss. If you’ve noticed, it’s harder to tell what a slender person’s body type is and that’s because slender women look  more similar to each other than the opposite.

But have no fear, we can all look good at any price and in any body shape if we know what to look for in clothes. Before we start, I have to tell you that no one has a perfect body. We are all trying to love ourselves and find ways to enhance what we have.  As you read this, be kind to yourself and love the body you’re in. So, here are the 4 body types and how to dress them:

  • Lollipop/round – with this type of body shape, the person usually has big breasts and stomach. The top is usually shorter and the legs longer and a little on the skinny side. Your challenge is to make the stomach and the bust appear smaller. What to wear – you want the attention away form your stomach. Any details should be on top and lowest parts of your body. Long sleeves and deep V necks tops are your friends. Flared pants will balance your body. Avoid belts that pinch at your waist, stick to dark colours and wear clothes with ruching or drape.
  • Pear shaped/triangle – with this shape, while the top is smaller (the neck, the shoulder and the bust) as well as the waist, the bottom is much wider in comparison. The butt is bigger and the thighs fuller. Your challenge is to balance the top half with the bottom. What to wear – you want to add to your shoulders and bust areas, so put more attention on top and not so much at the bottom, think darker colours, no prints and frills. Remember you’re trying to create the illusion of an hour glass shape. Shoulder pads, a little padding in your bra won’t hurt. If you are going for longer tops, make sure they are below your hips or wear tops that are way up your waist. Try and avoid tight/skinny pants and go for straight or those that are a little flared. Heels are also great for you, try to wear them as often as you can.
  • Straight shape/rectangle – this is exactly as it sounds. The bust and the hips are usually the same size. There is no defined waist and the butt is flat. The legs are the key feature. Your challenge is to create curves and a defined waist. What to wear – you can seem a little boyish because you lack curves, so you definitely want to break up your silhouette using belts, patterns and different lengths. Avoid boyish clothes like baggy jeans. Ruffles, frills, volume, prints usually work for you. Since your legs are your best feature, show them off more often.
  • Hourglass shape – this is as close to perfection as you can get. A nice size chest, small waist, nice size hips and the perfect butt, this is usually what we all want to achieve. Your challenge is to avoid shapeless clothes. What to wear – the only thing you don’t want is clothes that make you look boxy. To accentuate your curves more, always draw attention to your waist. Tailored and more fitted clothes will do amazing things for you. The only limiting factor with you might be your height but overall, you can get away with a lot….while we watch you with envy.

As I stated before, no one is ever completely happy with the body they have. We all have areas that we would like to accentuate and those that we would like to hide. While it’s ok to want to enhance our looks, it’s important that we love ourselves first. I hope you found this information useful and you’ll be able to use it to buy better and eventually develop a  signature style .

Remember “You is kind, you is beautiful and you is intelligent”.