6 Questions to ask before you advertise on social media

Previously, I have written about advertising and how to make it better. With social media being accessible to most people, it only makes sense to utilise it as an advertising tool. As a small business, every cent counts and always want to make your advertising budget go further. But before you create one and spend money, you need to ask yourself these questions first:

Who? – this is advertising 101. Who are you advertising to? Is it a woman, how old is she, where does she live and what does she like to do? Where does she work? What does she do for fun? Knowing who your customer is, will allow you to make adverts specifically for them. It’s as simple as that.

What? – what are you offering her? How will it benefit her life and why should she pick your product/service from the hundreds out there? Basically, this is about your USP (Unique Selling Point). Your advert needs to be clear and concise. You have only but a few seconds to convince your potential customer.

When? – When should you advertise? This is extremely important as timing is everything. People have been known to be more receptive at specific times and on specific days. Perhaps Monday is not a great day for you customer, know these trends and use them to your advantage.

Why? – Why are you advertising? Do you want to get new customers or are you trying to retain the ones you already have? Do you want to get information on your new product out or just to remind people of what you already have? Is there a sale or promotion coming? Have you moved locations? You have to have a reason as to why you want to advertise. This will help you in the structuring, the wording and the even the length of your advert.

Where? -It so easy to just put adverts on all social media platforms but it’s not necessarily effective. Having information about the different sites and who their target markets are, together with your knowledge of who your customer is, will assist you to filter through and resist the temptation to go crazy.

How? – How the advert will be formatted is essential. We are flooded with advertising all day long and if you want to stand out, then you need to do something great. Decide if a video clip will be more effective or maybe a picture. Can you create it yourself or do you get help? How long should it be, what tone should you use? Does the aesthetic correspond with your brand. Research ideas, programmes and apps that can help you create more impactful content.

It can be scary, I know. The business landscape is changing everyday and one has to keep up all the time. Always read about advancements in your area, follow the trend-setters in your business, get a mentor, go talk to a consultant and most importantly, listen to your customers. These are all affordable ways to improve and grow your business.

Remember, we can do this.





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