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6 Questions to ask before you advertise on social media

Previously, I have written about advertising and how to make it better. With social media being accessible to most people, it only makes sense to utilise it as an advertising tool. As a small business, every cent counts and always want to make your advertising budget go further. But before you create one and spend money, you need to ask yourself these questions first:

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Fashion: A love affair.

Fashion is memories woven into fabrics. Stories splashed across the different canvases conveying emotions of the wearer. Fashion is passion in the physical, displayed for our pleasure across the runways, the streets and the pages of magazines. Fashion is a skill transferred from the hands of experience onto that special place in my closet. Fashion is everything. It’s whimsical, magical, creative, fun, emotive, happiness, self love, growth, expression, sadness, reflection, a celebration, a business that keeps millions alive and Yes, sometimes, a political statement.

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